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10 Things You Are Going To Miss If You Don’t Attend Our Event


Balance 18o gymnasts and coachesOur five year anniversary event Five Years of Flips is coming up on Sunday, September 17th 1-5 pm. And we’ve been running our tails off to make it flipping awesome!

If you didn’t think about coming, wait a minute! We are pretty sure it’s just because you had no idea what you are missing out on. How about this:



  1. Conditioning competitions for kids and adults

It’s going to be nothing like what we’ve ever done before. Everybody who wants to participate in physical challenges will have a chance to compete individually and in teams. Kids + adults! So, wear something comfy in case you’ll have to show off your splits.


  1. You can finally go crazy on our equipment

pull up barHave you been tempted to swing on the bars and jump on that oh so bouncy trampoline? Well now is your chance. Our athletes are going to demonstrate how to properly use the equipment and put your skills to the test. Now is your chance to learn some new tricks and show off what you’ve got.


  1. A gymnastics performance from our coaches

First time ever you’ll be able to see us in real action! A hilariously informative skit written and performed by the coaches will be a highlight of the event.


  1. Mystery Guest Speaker

A very special guest from UF is going to give a speech at the event. If you have not already heard, we are not gonna tell you who it is. You’ll have to come and see!


  1. A bunch of generous gifts

Why not give yourself a chance to win some awesome gift baskets from our awesome sponsors? You can get some sports goods, delicious treats or gift cards. You will be very pleased to take them home.


  1. FOOOOD!!!

Yeah, we know! Nobody wants to do conditioning competitions on an empty stomach. Our guest vendors will provide lots of different food. And we’ll set up tables where you’ll be able to enjoy your meal and watch everyone have a blast. So come hungry and stay with us till the very end! (One Love Cafe, The Krafty Kettle, Panera Bread, and more).


  1. Speech on creation of Balance 180

balance 180 leadership

You will hear a heartfelt speech about the creation of Balance 180 from our very our own Krista Vandenborne.


  1. DJ Stokes

DJ Phil Stokes is going to provide entertainment during our competitions and other parts of the program.


  1.  Birthday Cupcakes

 The best way to spend Sunday afternoon is among friends. We will be thrilled to share our Balance 180 birthday cupcakes with you, our friends. Don’t worry about the calories. You’ll burn them out laughing and having fun at the Five Years of Flips event.


  1. It’s FREE!!!

 And after this one there is no chance you are not coming!



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