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3 Things I Am Grateful For After Experiencing Hurricane Irma

hurricane irma 

Counting blessings after Hurricane Irma, I couldn’t help but think how grateful I am for simple things in life that I took for granted.


The adversity made me very humble and I want to express my gratitude in three very short letters:


Dear Electricity,


Now when you are back on, I want to say I’m sorry! I’m sorry for taking you for granted while you were always loyal and faithful to me and my family.


I’m sorry for keeping my doors open while the A/C was set at 70 and for keeping the fridge open while making a sandwich.


I’m sorry for having the lights on in all the rooms in the house when all of us were just sitting on the couch watching a movie. A movie that we could watch thanks to YOU, dear electricity! Now that you are back and we can watch football, we finally are able to appreciate you in full! And I promise it’s not just about football!


While you were gone, you taught us that candle lights and flash lights are nothing compared to your power. Please never leave us again! I promise to pay my electricity bill on time every month.


Dear Gas,


It’s my turn to say I’m sorry to you for not appreciating your availability at every gas station 24/7.


I’m sorry for driving around Gainesville wasting you when I could stay home or ride my bicycle instead.


I’m sorry for buying you when my tank is still half full thinking ‘yeah, why not’. I’m sorry for being impatient and leaving the gas station when there is one car in front of me in the line. I have definitely learned my lesson. And it was a tough one love.


Dear Public School,


The biggest apologies go your way for not saying ‘thank you’ often enough. Only when you were gone for a week, I realized how much I appreciate that my kids go to school every day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids but you are doing a great job at keeping them busy.


Only now I can see what it’s like to entertain them with crayons, coloring books, puzzles and Lego all day long. Because what exactly am I supposed to do next when kids were done with all of that after day 1? And how many kids’ movies am I able to watch back to back?


I will definitely never under-appreciate what you are doing for us. I will always be on time in the mornings to drop them off and won’t be upset if it takes me forever to find a parking spot. I will be smiling going 3miles/hr through two school zones on 34th and arriving late at work.


I’m sorry if I ever questioned your teaching style. It’s definitely way better than mine.  Kids can’t wait to see you again. And honestly, neither can I.


Your biggest fan forever and ever!


Written by Olga Sinnreich

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