Recreational and adaptive gymnastics for kids

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The question every gymnastics parent has at some point, but nobody talks about… To wear or not to wear underwear under a leotard? Luckily, we are here to help and good news is you have some options… Option Number 1: Confidence is Key As you are dressing your little girl for gymnastics that day, you carefully pick out their favorite princess undies and shimmy their colorful leotard on. While you are sitting and watching your Go ahead
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  Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a competitive team gymnast? While we could never summarize competitive gymnastics in a single blog post, we put together an A to Z list. If you have ever considered competitive gymnastics for your athlete, this is a good place to start.   A is for… Athletic Competitive gymnastics consists of a lot of conditioning, flexibility, endurance, and strength. Needless to say, being athletic is a necessity Go ahead
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  For Madi Livingston the answer is gymnastics.   When Madi was a toddler, her parents noticed that she wasn’t meeting significant milestones that other children were. At the age of two, she was diagnosed with developmental and speech delays. She began seeing a speech therapist. Nevertheless, communication was constantly a struggle.   Growing up, Madi bounced around trying to find a sport that was the right fit for her interests, and that met her Go ahead
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  I have to say, by no means can I read people’s minds. Not even close. But after spending hundreds of hours waiting for my kids at gymnastics, I have placed gymnastics parents into six different categories. Honestly, I can relate to all of them, and I’m pretty sure I have been every type of parent at some point.   Parents waiting for their kids at gymnastics for an hour or two (or more…props to Go ahead
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  Counting blessings after Hurricane Irma, I couldn’t help but think how grateful I am for simple things in life that I took for granted.   The adversity made me very humble and I want to express my gratitude in three very short letters:   Dear Electricity,   Now when you are back on, I want to say I’m sorry! I’m sorry for taking you for granted while you were always loyal and faithful to Go ahead
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