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Krista Vandenborne is one of the driving forces behind Balance 180. Without her Balance 180 would not be what is it today. Her vision for the program and commitment to the students, athletes and Gainesville community is nothing less than extraordinary. When Krista, Carsten and three other board members at the time started Balance 180, they had no background in running a non-profit. They didn’t know how to put their dreams into action but what

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March 21, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. People all over the world will gather together to raise public awareness and create a single global voice advocating for the rights and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. Today, we would like to bring attention to an organization that not only accepts the Down syndrome community, but celebrates it. We would like to feature our friends at GiGi’s

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Alyssa Harris’ passion has always been movement. From a young age, she has participated in gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, and Pilates.  When she discovered her love of dance she threw herself into the art, studying and performing it every day from then on out. Alyssa went to the New World School of the Arts, a performing arts school in downtown Miami, where her entire life revolved around the art of dance. She woke up before the

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Before you give your heart away to that special someone this Valentine’s Day, make sure it is beating healthy and strong! According to Cupid (and the American Heart Association), roughly 25% of Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease. Here are some tips to improve your heart health:  

1. Maintain a healthy weight 

Load your diet with veggies and whole grains. Reduce your

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Aiden and Caleb Estrada are regular fixtures of Balance 180’s Adaptive Gymnastics program. The boys, who are affectionately known as Papa and Buggy, bring joy to the gym and the volunteers who have the opportunity to work with them. We are grateful to the Estrada family for sharing their story.

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