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Before you give your heart away to that special someone this Valentine’s Day, make sure it is beating healthy and strong! According to Cupid (and the American Heart Association), roughly 25% of Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease. Here are some tips to improve your heart health:  

1. Maintain a healthy weight 

Load your diet with veggies and whole grains. Reduce your

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Aiden and Caleb Estrada are regular fixtures of Balance 180’s Adaptive Gymnastics program. The boys, who are affectionately known as Papa and Buggy, bring joy to the gym and the volunteers who have the opportunity to work with them. We are grateful to the Estrada family for sharing their story.

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You’ve seen him emceeing our annual events, dressing up in crazy costumes, and he is the one responsible for stocking the bathrooms with toilet paper. Our president, Carsten Schmalfuss, is genuinely a master juggler. We often like to joke that he’s Balance 180’s very own Batman because he operates in the night, comes willingly when we call, and he always saves the day.

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This weekend we celebrated National Gymnastics Day at Balance 180 and found out why our athletes and coaches love gymnastics!  It’s fun! The teachers are awesome  Climbing the rope is fun  I ❤️ doing aerials!

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With the first week of July comes the kick-off of National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Picnic Month, and the patriotic spirit for the 4th of July. But what you may not know is amidst all the summer celebration also comes the start of the Special Olympics 2018 USA Games. The 2018 USA Games take place every

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