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I have Asperger’s, don’t worry it’s not contagious.” As a child, Matteo Gavilano didn’t talk a lot. He was quiet and didn’t like walking on grass or sand.  Sometimes stretching his arms and his legs out was just too difficult. So at 2 years old, his family decided

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Balance 180’s summer camp is always a blast! The days are filled with an abundance of activities that our athletes love! Here at the ten things your kids don’t want to miss at Balance 180 summer camp. 1. Gymnastics! The main focus of Balance 180 camp is learning gymnastics! We have a great

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Kids are notoriously mischievous, so when April Fools’ Day comes around, there’s bound to be some pranking. We asked our athletes about the best pranks they have ever pulled and boy were we shocked.

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What’s better than seeking out plastic toys full of candy, dressing up in your best clothes, and having the chance to win a competition? Easter eggs hunts have a little bit of something for everyone involved. As Easter approaches, we figured it was only appropriate to describe the 5 different type of kids in an Easter egg hunt. The Daydreamer


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Dana and Emily Peoples are just like all sisters. At times they are best friends, laughing and watching TV together. Emily is a proud older sister, often showing her friends photos of her sister and boasting about how wonderful she is. Sometimes they bicker over frivolous things, like who gets the TV remote. They take selfies and dance in the car. They laugh and love each other. But unlike most siblings, Dana has

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