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Last Friday, Balance 180 was given the opportunity to perform before the final Florida Gators Gymnastics home meet of the season. Our athletes had a blast and made some memories that will last a lifetime! The University of Florida gymnasts are a huge inspiration to us and we are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to share a bit of the spotlight with some of our

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Positive coaching is a practice of instructing athletes that focuses on building self-confidence through motivation. It is a method that coaches around the world use successfully to inspire their athletes and help their athletes grow as individuals. The Positive Coaching Alliance just announced the 2017 Double-Goal Coach Award National Winners. The double goal is to strive to

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We all have someone in our lives who has made a lasting impact. A role model of some kind. Well for me, that person was one of my former gymnastics coaches, the late Jaime Gomez. Jaime Gomez was my coach, my mentor, and my inspiration. He was kind and generous with a passion for gymnastics that was almost tangible. He was the kind

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We don’t compare apples and oranges, so why are we so adamant about comparing ourselves to others? Keeping a healthy mindset in regards to sports competitions is crucial to our children’s happiness, so here are some reminders for us all. The Definition of a Win What

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and love is the air! We asked our athletes what they love most and their answers are both inspiring and hilarious. Some of our younger athletes really love food and animals, we don’t blame them though, so do we. Our older athletes highlight their love for their parents, family and all of the friends they have met at gymnastics! Here at Balance 180, we love all of our athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers,

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