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Sports unquestionably teach us life skills. As all of our coaches who were formerly (or are currently!) gymnasts can attest to, gymnastics teaches us determination and discipline, which we clearly saw with Coach¬†Ashlyn Johnson’s testimony. Not only do coaches have an impact on us, but each gymnastics event (we are talking vault, bars, beam, and floor) has some wisdom to impart on all of us as well. As

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This weekend Balance 180 had the honor of hosting a family fun day for Dance Marathon at UF. The event featured food, laughter, gymnastics and overall just a great time. Now, this event got us thinking, who are the kind and thoughtful college students behind Dance Marathon? We went on a mission to

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We are launching our People of Balance 180 series with one of our coaches, Ashlyn Johnson. Ashlyn is an incredibly talented young woman. Not only is she a Level 10 gymnast, but she also just made it to states for the Swim and Dive team at Oak Hall School. She has been a

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Balance 180 is a fantastic gymnastics academy with an amazing staff, dedicated volunteers, a beautiful facility, and talented athletes. But, Balance 180 is also so much more than just a place to do gymnastics a few times a week. We are teammates, friends, a community, and more importantly, a family. Every single person who walks through our doors contributes to our community, and each person has a

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Kids can be adorable and sweet and oh so loving, but let’s be honest, sometimes they are just downright savage. Here are some of the most savage moments we at Balance 180 witnessed, and boy are they good. Oh okay, no hard feelings… ¬†

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