Recreational and adaptive gymnastics for kids

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  Counting blessings after Hurricane Irma, I couldn’t help but think how grateful I am for simple things in life that I took for granted.   The adversity made me very humble and I want to express my gratitude in three very short letters:   Dear Electricity,   Now when you are back on, I want to say I’m sorry! I’m sorry for taking you for granted while you were always loyal and faithful to Go ahead
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  Our five year anniversary event Five Years of Flips is coming up on Sunday, September 17th 1-5 pm. And we’ve been running our tails off to make it flipping awesome! If you didn’t think about coming, wait a minute! We are pretty sure it’s just because you had no idea what you are missing out on. How about this:     Conditioning competitions for kids and adults It’s going to be nothing like what Go ahead
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If you had a chance to peek at the Balance 180 class on any given day, I would see you nodding your head ‘yes’ right now. In fact, as a mother of two girls who are gymnasts, I can definitely confirm that seeing a boy at Balance 180 Gymnastics and Sports Academy is a real treat! Frankly, I get surprised when I see boys there. And it puzzles me why there are so few boys Go ahead
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