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Recreational Gymnastics


Recreational Gymnastics Summer 2016

parent childThis 45-minute class begins with a group stretch and warm up that incorporates rhythm activities. Athletes will then have the opportunity to try skills such as rolling, climbing, and swinging on obstacle courses that are set up for vault, bars, beam, and floor. Each class will focus on different gymnastics events and skills, and will introduce gymnasts to basic body positions. The class finishes with a fun activity such as the trampoline or parachute!

Gym Monkeys bubbleOur Gym Monkeys class is available for our youngest athletes. Athletes will practice their listening skills and taking turns while staying active and having fun throughout gymnastics class.


Gym BugsIn the Gym Bugs class, athletes will be taught foundational gymnastics skills that improve their balance and coordination. Obstacle courses and interactive activities keep everyone moving and having fun throughout the class.


FirefliesIn our Fireflies class, gymnasts will be master the skills learned in the Gym Bugs class and start training the skills needed for the Rising Stars class.



Rising StarsGymnasts learn basic skills on the vault, bars, beam and floor. Coaches emphasize the importance of stretching, form and proper technique, and challenge and accommodate students with beginning or intermediate gymnastic abilities.

Advanced RSAthletes in our Advances Rising Stars class have mastered the skills in the Rising Stars class, and are prepared for our Pre-Team class. The class includes additional flexibility and conditioning as well as more challenging skill development.


Teen GymnasticsAthletes learn and maintain gymnastics skills and work on flexibility, strength and conditioning. Former gymnasts who would still like to train and condition are welcome! We would love to have you join us!



To register or join us for a free trial class, please call (352) 340-1180 or send an email to


If you want to learn more about the health benefits of gymnastics and adaptive sports please visit our articles section.

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