Tumbl Trak Newsletter Feature!

We are so thrilled to have been featured in the March 2017 newsletter for Tumbl Trak as a gym that offers programs for children who are typically developing as well as children with special needs. We hope to serve as a model for other gyms interested in starting programs for children with special needs. Shout out to all of the members of our team from our Board of Directors to our volunteers who make what we do possible!

Valentine’s Day Fun!

We had a¬†surprise for the athletes in our Special Olympics Young Athletes Program on Valentine’s Day…the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile came to visit us at¬†Balance 180! The kids loved exploring the inside of the giant hot dog. Such a fun experience. Huge thank you to “Hotdogger” (Wienermobile driver) Kayla Kawalec for stopping by to see us. So neat!