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7 Ghastly Things That Happen to All High-Level Gymnasts

Oct 31, 2017

1. Wedgies 

There is nothing worse than feeling your leotard slowly start creeping higher and higher up, especially in a meet where you can’t fix it until your routine is over. Got a cheek hanging out? Too bad, you've got to keep tumbling!

2. Rips

☠️More like R.I.P. to my poor hands. Gymnasts are notorious for overly blistered hands. Not always a pretty site, but definitely a badge of honor. #gymnastprobs

3. Accidents

Peeing yourself isn’t just reserved for toddlers and older people. Nope, most gymnasts have little accidents ALL the time. Sometimes jumping can be a little more than your body anticipated. Front tumbling has taken many victims in its days.

4. Broken Toe Nails ?

You know you’re a real gymnast when you’ve stubbed, smashed and even destroyed your toenails. 

5. Burns 

Rug burn. Rope burn. Beam burn. Shall I continue? There is no avoiding the catastrophic falls that eventually show up as nasty bruises.

6. Body Odor 

There is nothing grosser than the smell of B.O, chalk and the funkifying heel cups that have so many sweat stains they’ve changed a different color.

7. Unexpected Farting?

A little flatulence isn’t unheard of in gymnastics, in fact, it’s actually very common. And as a prior gymnast and now coach I can proudly say that I have both farted and been farted on in practice…many times.

All that being said, us gymnasts love our sport and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Gymnastics is not a sport for the weak, but that’s what makes it so special. So, as you are getting ready for Halloween tonight, consider dressing up as the most boss athletes ever. A gymnast!!.