Recreational and adaptive gymnastics for kids

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The Most Balanced Team You Can Find


Balance 180 gymnastics leadership


We are tremendously happy to become a solid Balance 180 team like we are right now! It would have been impossible if not our common passion. We come from different backgrounds, ages, fields and even countries. Ultimately, our strong desire to bring gymnastics to every child pushed us forward towards creating this special place. Our dream was to demonstrate how gymnastics can change lives.


Gainesville, FL became a hometown for a unique Balance 180 Gymnastics & Sport Academy that integrates children with varying abilities through sports. In our opinion, every child needs to learn gymnastics skills. We have seen transformations that touched many hearts. We train with love at Balance 180! And our commitment to serve our community youth through teaching gymnastics does not know limits.


The Balance 180 Approach


The balanced approach to gymnastics that we provide includes expertise in multiple fields. Our team has specialists in physical therapy, medicine, occupational therapy, adaptive gymnastics, psychology, orthopedics and many more. We are constantly learning and researching in the quest of providing the best possible service. We all have very strong attachments to Balance 180. It’s not just a place where we work. For us, it’s the place that we’ve embraced with our souls. Personally, we live every day through humbling stories and are grateful for the privilege to serve so many families in our community and beyond.


We are kindly accepting donations from individuals and organizations.




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