Recreational and adaptive gymnastics for kids

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Pre-Team is a stepping stone onto our Competitive Team. Athletes are introduced to the structure and discipline that competitive gymnastics entails. The gymnast must be invited to join this class by one of our coaches. This class will teach routines and skills for specific levels of gymnastics while improving the gymnast’s technique, strength, and flexibility.

The Pre-Team program focuses on basic skills, techniques, form, flexibility, and overall strength. The skills for Pre-Team are focused on the skills needed for Levels 1 and 2. The class has a strong focus on technique where the athlete is taught not just how to execute on the skill, but how to perform the skill with correct form. The class also largely focuses on flexibility and strength which are important for the safe development of skills at the higher levels. Pre-Team does not compete but participates in annual in-house class shows where they perform their skills.  

Pre-Team will teach your child self-motivation, determination, team participation, and of course building friendships with other gymnasts.


Competitive pre-team

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