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Super Stars


kids doing bridge


Super Stars is one of our most advanced classes for athletes ages 7 years old and up. Athletes in our Super Stars class have mastered the skills taught in Shooting Stars and have displayed the confidence and drive to begin working more advanced skills. The ability of each athlete will be assessed and challenged accordingly by the coaches. Coaches will also encourage athletes to work together and support each other’s individual progress and goals. The goal of this class is to further emphasize the importance of strength, discipline, confidence, respect, and perseverance. From Super Stars, athletes may graduate into our Supernovas class.


General Curriculum and Skills

  • Front handspring over the vault table
  • Mill circle on bars
  • Cartwheel and handstand on high beam
  • Bridge on low beam
  • Back handspring on floor
  • Front tuck training on trampoline
  • Full splits (right, left, and middle)


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