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10 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss Out on Summer Camp

Apr 20, 2018

Balance 180's summer camp is always a blast! The days are filled with an abundance of activities that our athletes love! Here at the ten things your kids don’t want to miss at Balance 180 summer camp.

1. Gymnastics

The main focus of Balance 180 camp is learning gymnastics! We have a great team of experienced coaches who are excited to work with our campers. We have campers of all ages and ability levels join us, and we take care to divide the kids into groups according to age and ability so that they are challenged accordingly. From beginners to experienced gymnasts, we are excited for the campers to have a fun and safe place to learn new skills.

2. Obstacle courses and challenges

Campers get to enjoy a variety of obstacle courses and fitness challenges throughout their time at camp! They can swing from the rope, jump on the trampoline and show off their best moves throughout our fun obstacle courses. We also sometimes like to get a little competitive and form teams to do relay races, push up contests, handstand hold contests, and more. Watch out for the coaches who like to show off a bit!

3. Friendships that last a lifetime

Our camp is specifically designed for facilitating friendships! Our tagline and hashtag this year is #SummerofFriendships! All of our activities involve interacting with kids of all ages and abilities and generate plenty of smiles. One of our favorite parts is when our campers do not want to go home at the end of the camp day because they do not want to leave their friends.

4. Games

Games, games, games! We play so many fun games it'll make you want to be a kid again! When athletes arrive at camp they get to choose a station with their favorite game (dance party, fort building, and Twister to name a few) and play with a smaller group. Then throughout the day, we have designated times when we play games like four corners, shipwreck and red light green light with all of our campers. Not sure what shipwreck is? Just ask your camper, and you are sure to get a smile and a lengthy explanation. 

5. Open gym

Every afternoon our campers are able to practice their favorite gymnastics skills on each event! During this time, the campers get to choose what skills they want to work on and tell the coaches what skills they would like help with learning. The kids LOVE using this time to perfect current skills and master new ones.

6. Dress up day on Fun Fridays!

Each week of camp is themed! This year our themes are, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Trolls! Every Friday, campers are encouraged to dress up in their best costumes and have the chance to win a costume competition!

7. Coaches performances

Fun fact: Every single one of our coaches is a prior gymnast! Most of them still love to perform and will be doing so at the end of each week of camp! Here is a show they put on at one of our last events...

8. Special guests

Gainesville is full of inspiration and incredible people, and lucky for our campers many of them will be coming out to the gym! In previous summers we've had police officers, fire fighters, CPR instructors, karate instructors, dancers, yogi's and so many more awesome guests join us to tell us about what they do and share their talents. 

9. A chance to show off their creative side

Each day the kids do crafts, play games, and learn a part of a special dance that they perform for each other at the end of the week. All of these activities tie into our theme for each week. The kids get to have fun being kids and have the opportunity to show off their creativity through these different outlets. Such great ways to learn and have fun through hands-on and active play.

10. Camper of the day

We have some pretty awesome campers and we love to recognize them. At the end of each day, we pick a camper of the day from each group that the kids are divided into for gymnastics and other activities throughout the day. These campers are chosen for traits like being good friends, being great listeners, working hard, or accomplishing new skills. They also get to be the team leader for the next day and have important jobs with assisting their coach.