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Meet Our Team

Our coaching team works very hard to make gymnastics a great experience for each of our athletes. Our team is friendly and nurturing, and LOVE working with our athletes to help them achieve their goals and reach their potential. Thank you for trusting us with your kids, and see you in the gym soon! Click on a coaches photo to learn more about them! 

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Julie Kumpf

Operations Director, Recreational and Competitive Coach

Joel Thomas

Program Coordinator; Competitive Adaptive Gymnastics Coach; Recreational and Competitive Coach

Isobel Harrison

Program Coordinator; Recreational and Adaptive Gymnastics Coach

Julie Walter

Public Relations and Communications Manager; Recreational and Competitive Coach

Lillian Zeman

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Taylor Maderazo

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Jennifer Farri

Recreational Coach

Maddie Dassa

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Jonah Lee

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Evie Kelly

Recreational and Competitive Gymnastics Coach

Lia Vangellow

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Cassie Loftus

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Mackenzie Greer

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Kortney Gauger

Competitive Adaptive Coach

Casey McLaughlin

Recreational, Pre-Team, and Adaptive Gymnastics Coach

Gaya Prabhakaran

Recreational Gymnastics Coach