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5 Easy Ways to Spread Kindness This Month

Feb 24, 2023

Finding ways to spread kindness and positivity can be challenging if you do not have a lot of time or resources. Volunteering, making a donation to a charity, or putting together care packages are all really amazing ways to spread kindness and love within your community, but there are also some small day-to-day things that we can do to make a huge difference! Here are some of our favorite ways to spread kindness this love month:

  1. Give Someone a Compliment

If you like something about someone, let them know! Whether it is a nice outfit, how they handled a situation, or something about their personality, a genuine compliment can make someone’s day brighter. Even compliments from a stranger on something simple like your shoes can be a bright spot in their day!

2. Say Thank You

Making sure to say thank you to those around us helps us be kinder to others while helping us practice gratitude ourselves! Whether it is a family member, coworker, or stranger, saying thank you when something is done for you is a great way to make them feel appreciated. Try saying thank you for even simple things as well, such as someone moving aside to let you pass by!

3. Smile!

It can sometimes feel awkward to make eye contact with someone you don’t know. If this happens, give them a smile! Greeting someone with a smile can spread a lot of positivity and even lead to a conversation with someone that can be a new friend. Smiling also boosts your own mood as well!

4. Let Someone Know You Appreciate Them

Letting those around you know that you appreciate what they do is a great way to spread kindness and positivity. A text letting someone know that you thought of them or finding a way to give back if they have helped you are really great ways to let them know you appreciate them being in your life! 

5. Hold the Door for Someone

Holding the door is something that so many of us do to be polite, but it really is an impactful gesture. Finding small ways to be kind and make someone’s life easier or being a bright spot in their day can be very impactful, and you never know if you might make someone’s day better by something as simple as holding a door for them!

Spreading kindness in our community doesn’t always have to be dedicating hours and hours to a project. Finding the little ways that we are all able to make a difference can be just as impactful and important. Small things that do not take a lot of time or resources can be very important in cultivating a community of kindness, love, and inclusivity!