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Spring Activities

Mar 20, 2023

As we hop into Spring this March, we wanted to share some fun activity ideas for the season! 

Even on Gainesvilles rainiest days, there are still so many ways to spend family time together, or to have an adventure in the local community. We have included some of our favorite free activities, our unique Gainesville finds, and fun ideas for rainy days!

Free Activities:

  • Go to the Park!
    • Gainesville is home to many parks and wildlife spaces that are always great to explore, especially in this lovely spring weather! Some of our favorites are Alfred A. Ring park for some hiking, Catherine Taylor park if you are looking for an area to play sports, Bivens Arm Nature Park, and Cedar Grove Park if you are looking to bring your furry friends!
  • Go on a Scavenger Hunt!
    • Creating a scavenger hunt is a quick way to build a game that the whole family can participate in (find a guide on how to make one and some ideas here!). You can do scavenger hunts in your home, around the neighborhood, or out in the community! There are so many unique spots in Gainesville that would be perfect to include in the adventure, like the murals around town!
  • Build an Obstacle Course!
    • You can build an obstacle course in your own yard using things that you already own! This activity lets you get creative with just about anything and your kids may have some ideas too, so let them find ways to challenge themselves. You can find some ideas of household items to use here and use your imagination with some things that may not be included in the list (like marbles!). Always make sure that the obstacle course is safe before play and that it will not fall!

Activities in Gainesville:

  • Cade Museum
    • The Cade Museum is built to inspire creativity and invention! It has exhibits that the whole family can enjoy, and they offer weekend workshops for kids who are interested in science or technology! The museum is a great-place for some hand-on learning and has a lot of opportunities for even adults to learn new things! Find out more information on their website.
  • Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo
    • The Santa Fe Teaching Zoo lets you get closer to animals you might not see otherwise! They have everything from animal encounters to birthday parties, and a ton of animals to meet! Some of our favorites are the ocelots, tree kangaroos, and conures. The zoo also hosts events such as a painting night that can be found on their calendar or on their website here,
  • Haile Homestead
    • If you’re looking to learn a bit of history, the Haile Homestead is perfect for you! The 1865 home has been converted into a museum that allows for tours where you can learn about the home that was originally built on a cotton plantation and about the family that lived there. Be sure to check out the Talking Walls where the family wrote and drew on their unpainted walls, documenting aspects of their lives! Find out more information on their website.
  • Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
    • The botanical gardens are a great way to connect with nature and have a peaceful day surrounded by the outdoors! With a 68 acre facility and 24 major collections, there is something there for everyone to enjoy. Put on your walking shoes and bring water and bug spray for this outdoor adventure! Find out more about their upcoming events here.

Rainy Day Activities:

  • Build a Puzzle!
    • Puzzles are a great option for a rainy day activity! They challenge your mind and are a relaxing way to wait out the rain. Anything from a wordsearch to a jigsaw puzzle can be a fun way to challenge yourself and even learn something new! If you don’t have a puzzle on hand, you can always make your own online using a puzzle maker such as this one.
  • Get Crafting!
    • Making something is always a great feeling, and what better way to spend a rainy day than creating something great? Many crafts use household items that you may already have! Use the internet to find some creative crafting ideas (some spring-themed ones that we like are these!) or show off your own creations and teach others how to make them.
  • Dance Party!
    • A dance party is a great way to brighten up a gloomy day! Turn off the lights, shut the curtains, and put on some fun colored lights! You can also break out the glow sticks and glow in the dark paint for this one. Play your family’s favorite music or find some new music that you may not have heard! This is a fun way to show off your dance skills and see everyone’s moves!
  • Baking/Cooking!
    • Cooking can often feel like a chore, but making a fun recipe on a rainy day with the whole family is a great way to bond and make something to enjoy! Easy soups are great for the whole family and perfect for a cold rainy day. Baking is also a great way to get everyone involved in making some sweet treats, check out one of our favorite recipes for chocolate crinkle cookies here!

Springtime is always a time to be thankful for those around you and their growth in the past year. It can be a great time to grab your loved ones, go outside, and connect with nature more. Although there is always an adventure to be had, make sure you are also setting aside time for some rest and rejuvenation during this season of growth and new beginnings!