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Top Ten Transferable Skills from Gymnastics

Feb 24, 2023

Cartwheels and forward rolls are only a small part of what encompasses the sport of gymnastics. One of the most important aspects about the sport is the way that it teaches you to be a better person, rather than just a better athlete. Your experiences on the mat are transferable to your everyday life. While it seems like rolling off a mat or falling off a beam is just teaching you to physically try again, it is really teaching you about how to keep going in your life. 

Here are 10 skills you learn from gymnastics that are transferable to the rest of your life!

1. Perseverance:

Not every gymnastic skill is mastered immediately, similar to the way day to day skills are not mastered immediately either. It’s important to learn how to not give up and keep going! 

2. Confidence: 

In gymnastics, confidence encourages us to face scary things. Flipping on a 4 inch bar and throwing yourself into a cartwheel is just an average day on the mat.  Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to try new skills! 

3. Communication:

Communication is a crucial life skill. Gymnasts can communicate with each other in several ways, such as praising and encouraging teammates and opening up to coaches about injuries. Communication with the people around you is just as important. 

4. Leadership:

There are various ways we can be leaders in gymnastics. Being a role model to other athletes and supporting your teammates on the mat are only the beginning of the important leadership skills learned. This  is one of the most transferable skills in our daily lives. Whether it is a small school project, or being in charge of a room full of people, leadership is essential.

5. Time-Management:

We can develop strong time-management skills by consistently showing up to classes on time, being ready to go for practice, and being aware of how much time we spend practicing on certain skills. Time management is an essential skill in daily life too as we are expected to arrive on time to work, appointments and when other people depend on us.

6. Body Awareness:

With gymnastics, we can develop a strong sense of body awareness by working on areas such as balance and core strength. Body awareness is a valuable skill in life as it is important to know your body enough to pinpoint where you may need extra support. 

7.  Determination:

Passion allows you to stay motivated. When you feel passionate about something, like gymnastics, you feel determined enough to create goals and work hard to achieve them.

8. Responsibility:

Responsibility is a skill that is crucial in any situation. Gymnastics teaches you the importance of being prepared and staying on task.

9. Detail-oriented:

It’s important to pay attention to detail to avoid errors and deductions. This is the case in gymnastics where poor posture and position can lead to injury. Being detail-oriented is a skill that sets people apart in the world. People who are detail-oriented consistently excel in the workforce, as they are able to complete all of the parts in a whole.

10. Creativity:

Gymnastics gives you the freedom of creativity through building unique skills and routines for every individual gymnast. Creativity fuels the mind, and should be practiced consistently.