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Dear Mom,

May 8, 2018

Thank you for all the times you picked me up when I fell down.For cleaning up my boo-boos and kissing them to make them feel better.For drying my tears and replacing them with a smile. Thank you for reprimanding when I mess up, so I can learn.For arguing with me and teaching me the value of communication.For making me do chores, so I know how to work.And for putting me on time out, so I know the importance of discipline. Thank you for driving me to friends’ houses, sports and anywhere I need to go.Thank you for holding my hand at the doctor’s office, so I am not scared.Thank you for taking off of work to come to my plays, games, and competitions.Thank you for showing me what a strong woman looks and acts like. Thank you for all the advice you give me;And for not giving up when I don’t hear it the first time.Thank you for holding my hand, even when I think I am too old.Thank you for calling every day;And never giving up when I say I don’t have time to talk. Thank you for every hug, kiss and laugh you have ever given me.For every smile, we have shared, and all the comfort you have given me through the years.Thank you for knowing I always love you, even when I don’t say it.And most importantly, thank you for making me feel loved even when we are miles apart.


love you, Mom. To the moon and back.