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How do you avoid working out?

Dec 19, 2017

As the holiday season is upon us finding the motivation to exercise can become a bit more difficult. If you're anything like me, you'll find any excuse to avoid a workout, especially when the alternative is slouching around the house or stuffing my face with festive holiday foods. Here are the ten excuses we may use and why, sadly, they are not particularly helpful.1. I’m too tired

Believe it or not, exercising actually boosts our energy levels and makes us happy. So, throw that excuse out.

2. I’ll do it tomorrow

Carpe Diem! Seize the day! There is no time like the present and to expect tomorrow is to take today for granted.

3. The gym is too expensive

Who needs a gym membership when we live in Florida? There are thousands of ways to burn some calories all for FREE. Jogging, rollerblading, and riding a bike are just a few examples.

4. I don’t have time

There is always time to break a sweat. Squat while brushing your teeth? ✅. Dance around while you are vacuuming? ✅ Jump rope while waiting for the kids at their sporting event? ✅✅

5. But it’s sooo boring

Yes, walking on an uphill treadmill for 30 minutes with nothing to do but people watch is undeniably boring. But maybe the treadmill isn’t the right type of exercise for you. Try group fitness classes, online classes where you can flail about with no one to judge you, or bring a friend and chat about your day as you suffer, I mean workout, together.

6. I already walked a lot today, doesn’t that count?

I think you can answer this one yourself. And the answer, unfortunately, is a resounding no.

7. I never see any results, so what’s the point.

Sticking with a workout routine is vital. Of course, we won’t see results if we only work out once in a blue moon. So stick with it and I promise you will get the results you want. Remember it takes 4 weeks, for YOU to see your body change. It takes 8 weeks for FRIENDS AND FAMILY to notice. And it takes 12 weeks for the REST OF THE WORLD to praise all of the hard work.

8. I’m way too old for all this cardio stuff.

Nobody is too old to strive for a healthy body. If high impact workouts make getting up in the morning impossible, try some lower impact exercises like yoga, pilates, or ballet.

9. I always have the kids.

Bring them along! There is nothing better than working up a sweat as a family. You get to burn some calories and they get some of that never-ending energy out.

10. I don’t know where to start.

Starting is always the most difficult part. Google some beginner exercises, ask a friend who already works out routinely to help you out, or seek help from a local personal trainer. You’ve got this!

So yes it is the holiday season, and yes temptations to sit around enjoying hot cocoa are at an all-time high. But remember working out does not need to be boring or painful. It can be an amazing time to have fun, let loose and bond with your family. Take this time to find activities that burn calories but more importantly to find activities that you enjoy.

Remember excuses will always be there, but opportunities will not.

Happy Holidays and go get your sweat on.