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Introducing The People of Balance 180

Jan 16, 2018

Balance 180 is a fantastic gymnastics academy with an amazing staff, dedicated volunteers, a beautiful facility, and talented athletes. But, Balance 180 is also so much more than just a place to do gymnastics a few times a week. We are teammates, friends, a community, and more importantly, a family. Every single person who walks through our doors contributes to our community, and each person has a story. With this, we present to you our newest blog series titled, "The People of Balance 180." Each month, we will interview a coach, an athlete, a parent, a volunteer, or any member of our Balance 180 family, and celebrate this person together. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone who is involved with Balance 180 to be featured, send us an email to We are excited to share with you the incredible stories of The People of Balance 180. 


Written and created by Julie Walter