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Balance 180 Bingo: More Space for Our Happy Place! 

It's on! Balance 180 Bingo 2022! Balance 180 is a nonprofit organization, and our mission is to offer recreational and competitive sports opportunities to children with and without special needs. Each year we fundraise to support our programs and our overall campaign goal. This year we are going to  #fillthegym, as we prepare to expand in size! We need the help of the kids and families to reach our goal of raising $75,000 by January 7th, 2023. 

Balance 180 Bingo

Balance 180 Bingo is a way for athletes to win prizes and help Balance 180 reach our fundraising goal! Each athlete is given a Bingo Card with squares that add up to a value of $180. The goal is to black out the bingo card with donations. Each bingo card has 16 squares with various dollar amounts for donors to choose from to donate.  A donor can choose to donate to a single space, for example, $10 for the top left square, or they can claim multiple squares, like the entire top row! We encourage your athletes to reach out to friends, family, teachers, neighbors, etc. When you receive a donation for a square(s), cross off that box and make sure to write your donor's information on the back of the card. 

All About the Prizes 

Dollar Amount Prizes: As you collect donations your athlete can earn some awesome prizes- a sensory surprise, a hot cocoa mug and kit, a Balance 180 backpack and sweatpants, and admission to Balance 180's VIP Kids Lock-In! 

Bingo Card Black-Out: If an athlete can black-out their bingo card, receiving donations for every square on their board, they will get admission to Balance 180's VIP Kids Lock-In! Enjoy a parents' night out while the kids have a fun night in the gym! Get ready for a night of games, challenges, gymnastics, and more with our Balance 180 coaches!

Top Earner: The top earner who raises the most amount of money will get to be a Balance 180 "Assistant Coach" for the day to hang out with their favorite friends at Balance 180 and see what it is like to be a coach!

Balance 180 Bingo FAQ 

What is Balance 180 Bingo?

Balance 180 Bingo is a way for athletes to win prizes and help Balance 180 reach our fundraising goal of raising $75,000 by January 7, 2023! Each athlete is given a bingo card with squares that add up to a value of $180. The goal is to black-out the bingo card with donations. Athletes can black-out their bingo cards by filling out all of the bingo squares. 

How can I donate?

Donors can make a contribution with cash, check, or using our GoFundMe link below:

What are the prizes?

When/how do I collect the prizes?

You will receive your prizes when you turn in your completed bingo card! Once you have blacked-out your bingo card you can turn it into the front desk to collect your prizes. If you would have not completed your bingo card but are done, you can collect the prizes for the amount you have donated. For example, if you do not black out your bingo card but raised 60 dollars you can collect a Mug filled cocoa kit and a sensory surprise.

What is the VIP Kids' Lock-In?

We will have two VIP Kids' Lock-In sessions! Our first session is on Saturday, January 7th, from 6:00 - 8:30 pm, and our second is on Sunday, January 8th, from 6:00 - 8:30 pm. We will play games with the coaches, have a pizza party, and do challenges all night! Tickets can only be obtained by blacking out a bingo card and cannot be purchased for a fee.

Do I have to be a Balance 180 athlete to participate?

No! Anyone can participate in Balance 180 Bingo!  

Can I black-out more than one Balance 180 Bingo card?

Yes! You are welcome to black-out as many bingo cards as you can! You can bring a friend or sibling to our VIP Kids' Lock-In or donate your ticket and prizes to a Balance 180 family. Our top earner get's a special prize of being a Balance 180 Assistant Coach.