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How Old is Too Old to Do Gymnastics?

Oct 24, 2017

Once you're in your 30s or 40s, have had two kids, and work bogs you down, you may wonder if you still have IT. While your Friday nights used to involve a night out on the town and now revolves around watching Disney movies on repeat, you are never too old to show up your little ones. At Balance 180, our competitive team gymnasts challenged their parents to attempt the workout they do every night, and well let's just say things got interesting.At first, it was an uneasy start...Gymnastics can be an intimidating sport, and if you haven’t been jumping around a lot for the last several years it is natural to get a little nervous. The seemingly endless obstacle course full of jumps, pull-ups, and other tortuous activities was the first real event testing our new athletes’ grit. When asked if they felt ready to take on this challenge, the confidence levels were a little shaky.But with a little help,

We didn’t just throw our parents into the deep end…well not alone at least. Each parent had their own personal trainers, their daughters. Even though they were competitors, our gymnasts gave their parents important tips and tricks to make their first day at practice a little easier. Advice included comments such as, “Mom, you really need to bend your back if you want to do a bridge,” and “was that supposed to be a cartwheel,

maybe you should try again.”They slowly started to get it.

With of all the smack talk happening in the gym, the parents were determined to hold their own. Despite most of the parents having no background in gymnastics, they caught on fast. Not only did they master some pretty impressive skills, but they also learned the fundamentals of dance in gymnastics. Some grasped the concept of form, others perhaps did not.

At the end of the day, everyone had a blast!

The gym was full of laughter and excitement. The parents were able to test themselves and have fun sharing a valuable experience with their young ones. They also gained a better appreciation for how much strength, coordination and discipline goes into every practice. And the kids, well lets just say they were amazed to see their parents in action.The parents also offered some helpful advice for anyone who wants to try gymnastics for the first time, regardless of their age. “Go try it, right now!”, “It’s a very fun time for parents and their kids!” and “Don’t eat chicken right before doing gymnastics…also just do it.”Are you up for the challenge?

On Sunday, October 29th from 1-5pm Balance 180 is hosting an open gym where you too can prove that you still have it. Everyone, no matter their age, will be encouraged to play on the equipment, try their hand in some strength challenges and have the opportunity to show up their kids. Hope to see you there!