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The Most Savage Things Kids Said in 2017

Jan 9, 2018

Kids can be adorable and sweet and oh so loving, but let's be honest, sometimes they are just downright savage. Here are some of the most savage moments we at Balance 180 witnessed, and boy are they good.

Oh okay, no hard feelings...

Wouldn't be amazing if this was considered a legitimate excuse. And no, not conditioning their hair, conditioning their body with strength training exercises.

Well, guess someone will be going to the gym more often now.

Storytime: At Balance 180 we have a unique way of celebrating one’s birthday. We all hold hands around the birthday boy or girl and run around in a circle yelling the happy birthday song. One day a very excited young girl came in and the whole practice she was telling every coach that it was her birthday. So naturally, at the end of practice everyone gathers around her and just before we start scream-singing, her mom comes barreling on the floor to promptly tell us that it was not, in fact, her daughter’s birthday. We were none the wiser.

When your stress shows on your face...

Mhhhmm...whatever you say

Our athletes definitely keep us on our toes, and we love them for it. What was the most savage thing your child said in 2017?