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Thoughts of 6 Types of Parents During Their Child’s Gymnastics Practice

Sep 26, 2017

I have to say, by no means can I read people’s minds. Not even close. But after spending hundreds of hours waiting for my kids at gymnastics, I have placed gymnastics parents into six different categories. Honestly, I can relate to all of them, and I’m pretty sure I have been every type of parent at some point. Parents waiting for their kids at gymnastics for an hour or two (or more…props to you, competitive team parents) deserve the praise. They mastered the ability of keeping themselves occupied. But I always wonder what they are thinking about while waiting for their kid at gymnastics practice. After years of observation, here is what I came up with:       

1. Thoughts of a workaholic

Often these parents are found in the back row of the seating section plugged into the nearest outlet typing away. These parents are in the zone, so do not disturb.

2. Thoughts of a parent who can’t help but constantly coach their child from the back seat

 These parents do not go unnoticed, and we have all heard them. You would think their athlete is training for the Olympics.

 3. Thoughts of a tired parent

 A busy day and the heat at the gym can make your eyes start to get heavy.  I sometimes envy those who have the ability to nod off sitting up and catch some extra Z's.

4. Thoughts of a parent who is a social media lover

 For many of us, gymnastics practice is the first time we sit still all day. Whew! The social media parents take full advantage of quiet time to catch up on “what’s happening” on social…gotta keep up with the times, right? For these parents, the one hour practice seems to go by five minutes into their scrolling.

5. Thoughts of a parent who brought younger kids to their older sibling's gymnastics practice

 The parent with their other children in tow is the real MVP. As a parent with two daughters, I have come to realize the importance of the “Mary Poppins mom bag” with anything and everything.

6. Thoughts of a ghost parent

 Nobody knows what these parents look like as they drop their kid and speed off to run a quick errand.