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Community E-Learning Pod

We are excited to announce that we are launching a Community E-Learning Pod that will be available to our families for at least the first nine weeks of school. This is designed for parents who are choosing any online school options for their child, rather than attending brick and mortar school in person.

We have a willing team and the space to accommodate a capped number of students to set up a workspace with their laptop, headphones, and school supplies at the gym during traditional school hours. The children will receive their schooling via their online instructors, but members of our team will be available to help the kids with navigating their coursework online and facilitating fun “brain breaks” to get the kids periodically up and moving and interacting with their peers (in a socially distant way) as their school schedule permits. We will implement all of our safety precautions we do for our regular programming as well as some additional safety measures that are unique to the e-learning pod.

Registration for this e-learning pod is open and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Please note this program will be offered for free as a service to our community and families. We will also have gymnastics classes available immediately following the school day to get some training and exercise in for those who are interested in signing up.

We are looking for families who are in need of this service and are willing to commit to joining us for the first nine weeks of school. If this is something your family has a need for and would benefit from, please complete the paperwork provided in the links below and email your paperwork to Please carefully review the Frequently Asked Questions document for your reference. Once receiving your paperwork, we will follow up to confirm if you were able to secure a spot.

Registration Form

Getting to Know Your Student

Liability Agreement Waiver

E-Learning Pod Policies

Frequently Asked QuestionsRegistration Form

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